Plan of action

Action plan coaching process

Preparation of a personal coaching process 

  • If we do not know each other we start with anon-binding introductory meeting of 45 minutes. The introductory meeting does not apply if there has been a previous acquaintance. During this conversation there is of course an opportunity to ask questions. In addition, both sides will check whether there is a "click" to continue.
  • If you agree on cooperation you will fill in an intake form to clarify the questions and goals you have.
  • We use our follow-up appointment, the actual personal coaching process, to clarify your goal (s) based on the completed intake form and to discuss the themes on which we focus during the coaching process. We will go through each goal step by step according to urgency.
  • The subjects that you have raised in the intake form will be dealt with in practice. The most important point is that we first work on one goal that you have set for yourself. It is a goal which is very important for you.
  • The action plan: In phase 1 it is mapped out on what you want to focus on. What is important to you? To what extent are you prepared to do things differently? In phase 2, we will develop a process and formulate goals based on the findings in phase 1. Together we will determine a strategy for how we will achieve those goals. Phase 3 is the implementation: where we will apply the formulated objectives together in practice. We will look together during the process how you feel about the course of events. Are you positive about it? Are there any things you are missing here? If not, we will continue. We will do a joint interim evaluation to see if the goals are being approached. It may also be the case that the goals need to be adjusted or set even more sharply.
  • Ideally we will take stock at the end of the process. We will see if you are where you would like to be. Have the goals you set been achieved? You will now better understand what is being asked of you. You should have organized a number of things differently, so that you get more results in the areas for which you had set the goals.

During the personal coaching process:

The goals during the coaching are focused on the short, medium and long term. This is a growth plan that will help you achieve results where you need it.

  • Personal coaching is characterized by 1-on-1 sessions and takes place in a safe environment. This happens in a public place that I rent, at your office or via Skype or zoom.
  • A coaching conversation should always have an end goal. That is the reason why goals will be set during the conversation that you will see at the end of the conversation. We will work with the goal plan, your personal wishes with regard to what you would like to change and your learning goals for each coaching conversation. We also look at how we can achieve these goals. The environment in which this guidance will take place meets the requirements of the 1.5 meter society that is currently established. We are 1.5 meters apart and the area is cleaned well. There is also an option to receive the coaching online.
  • During the coaching conversations you will receive tailor-made exercises / assignments that helps you to achieve an even better result. Your input is decisive in this process. That is why the plans can bend depending on the need you have.
  • A coaching process and plan of action is intended to develop your skills, so that it will lead to achieving the goals faster, easier and more efficiently. That is why your growth process, based on measurable results, will continuously serve as a yardstick in continuing the coaching process, even when your time with me as a coach / trainer is over. It will motivate you to take continuous action to promote your personal development in the coming years.
  • During this coaching process it is possible to schedule an interim evaluation. All issues discussed therein will, of course, remain confidential.
  • I help you to get started and a process takes an average of 10 sessions. Follow-up processes are possible in consultation. When it emerges that new issues come forward during the project, we will also work on that.

Personal coaching process completed. And then?

  • After completing the personal coaching process I offer you the opportunity to ask me your questions regarding the theme of the personal coaching process by email or telephone for six months. Within this unique package deal, it is possible to do a check-back day once every three months, at a reduced rate, where we look together where you are now as a person and whether there are new problems that you encounter.
  • When there is an employer who orders personal coaching, a final evaluation takes place with your employer. In principle, the content of the coaching conversations will never be discussed with your employer, unless you would like to do this yourself.
  • With this approach I hope to make a positive contribution to the development of you as a person. Of course I do it in consultation with you. Ultimately, of course, you do it yourself, to get you where you want to be, but I will help you get results.


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