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Mourning processing

Tools to help you mourn

Navayo Leeuwin works with groups as well as individuals who have to deal with grief, because of the loss of a loved one. Pain that may have been caused by losing someone to suicide or an accident. But also, to illness or divorce.

People who are mourning are always overwhelmed by negative thoughts and feelings; they always go back to the underlying negative event.

Step by step, Navayo will work with you to see how something positive can emerge out of this mourning process.

It is also possible to coach and train contact groups. Everything is in function of achieving your goals. During this training you and Navayo will choose your own goals, and the way you want to be guided.

Navayo will work with a number of tools, such as "I wish", to help you getting into the new desired situation. You will work on your personal identity, how and what do you see yourself. Eventually you will work on a number of key points that will help you to become the person who has always been present in you. In most cases activation is all that needs to be done.

After that it is important to know what else is needed to make any progress. Especially the negative thoughts and feelings are tackled directly. There is a chance that Navayo gives you orders that can help you accelerate your healing process. All of this with only one purpose: the ultimate goal of a healthy mourning process. You will learn to deal with the personal pain and the sadness that goes with it. It will help you to stop looking at your loss in a negative way. You will eventually learn how to weave and carry your loss, yes even to 'embrace' your loss into your life.

Then the loss will no longer keep you from your daily functioning.

During the first session, goals can be set, goals that will be used to get started.