Creative thinking processes
Creative thinking training & workshops

Training in creative thinking

This problem can occur at work, in your private life or in the area of giving meaning to certain issues or questions you are dealing with.

In the end, the plan is to give you a solution to your problem. This is a concrete solution you can immediately start working with.

We work with creative tools such as ''I wish'', 'Face to fit', 'Unlimited possibilities', 'Different eye', ''Reformulate'', ''Rethinking'', 'Battle of absurd', visual thinking, renewal of your thinking, transformative thinking and acting, systemic work, family constellations and the Walt Disney method. etc. You can use some of these tools during the one on one training, although these tools and trainings are especially appropriate for group sessions.

These trainings will help you to renew and change the way you think, and will give you deeper insights about yourself and for yourself.

The purpose is to find solutions for everything you got stuck in, to make sure you will look at it in a different way.

Navayo provides workshops and training that will encourage you to think 'out of the box'. You will feel encouraged to step out of your comfort zone.