An introductory interview takes place which last approximately 30 minutes.

This conversation is by telephone or can be held via Zoom. The learning objectives and practical issues will be discussed and are based on the intake form that has been completed. You can find this form on the website.

The private session lasts 1,5 hour and costs € 230 including VAT.

On average 10 to 12 sessions will be taken to achieve the result whished for.

If it is the case that we have not achieved the desired result after these 12 sessions, we will continue until the result with which you are satisfied is achieved.

When you are less successful in terms of work / life balance and therefore see fewer results, we will continue to look together for a solution and approach that works for you. This will help you see the results you had in mind more quickly.

If no progress has been made after 4 sessions, it is possible to terminate the contract after mutual consultation.

In some cases sessions of 2 hours can also be given instead of 1.5 hours. The reason that the sessions last longer than an hour is because it has been shown that more results are achieved with longer sessions than with one-hour sessions.

The explanation behind this is that during longer sessions customers process the material supplied and discussed more effectively than during shorter sessions.

Good to know:

  • Coaching is not reimbursed by health insurers.
  • Inform yourself in advance about the budgetary possibilities for external personal coaching at your company.
  • The costs of coaching for self-employed entrepreneurs are tax deductible as operating costs.
  • The sessions can also take place via Zoom or Face-Time.