The goal is that you receive keys to be a leader, where it is not necessary that people follow you.

The purpose of Navayo is to teach you how to receive keys how to become a leader. You are trained not to trust yourself. Because of what you have learned yourself under the influence of your environment and your culture. Because of this you have developed a low sense of self-esteem and self-confidence. When you have developed fear and pain, you stay were you are because of shame. The vision of Navayo is that you will jump up. Fear waits and watches, trust jumps and leadership go to its goal.

This only can happen when you are introduced to yourself and only then you can see a side of yourself you have never known. You are not worth following as long as you do not know who you really are.

You can have millions of followers on Twitter or Instagram, but no father and no role model standing next to you in life. It’s is dangerous to imitate others as your inspiration when you don't know who you are, since you are damaged in your identity.

The goal is self-discovery, which begins with personal leadership.

Because you are shy, you are called passive. It is not natural to be passive and shy. If you don't change, your children and your environment can also become victims of other people's initiatives. Because of that they will become a product of your fears and pains and as a result, they will become passive too.

Your goal is to discover the spirit of leadership in your own life. Within you there is a natural tendency to lead and therefore to change.

You risk losing your job when you resist something with which you disagree. That is why you leave it out of fear and other reasons. You are not guided. You respond to fear and pain. The goal of Navayo is to teach you how to deal with these matters and overcome them by changing them from within.

Culture has put a horse bit in your life, as with a horse it means: don't go in that direction otherwise you will get pain. The goal of the training and coaching at Navayo is to make you strong enough to spit out the bit at the end of the training.

The goal is to change your belief about yourself. Others made you believe what you should believe about yourself. When you discover who you really are, you become inimitable. You were born to lead, but you have yet to become a leader.

This requires rest and relaxation in your mind and thoughts, but also mentally and physically.

In order to achieve this and to be able to see it, you have to go through a process. Navayo will help you to let the seed within you germinate.

There is a spirit of leadership in you. It only needs to be activated through a point of contact.