As an entrepreneur you can get even more out of your company through the right focus

Coaching how you can run your business successfully, so that you will experience more freedom.

Do you recognize this image? You are a woman that you can call successful from a business perspective, but combining that success with all private responsibilities is not easy. That can change from now on and I can help you with that.

I am Navayo, an inspiring coach / trainer with years of experience in coaching people who are successful and entrepreneurial. This practical experience that I have gained during my training in blockchaintechnology and travels to Africa, together with my study background, ensures that I know better than anyone how important the right work-life balance is.

I work with the latest methods and original insights, that will help you achieve faster demonstrable results. These are transformation training through storytelling, which help you with the help of your own story where you need it, in reconciling business and private life. This ensures the right focus and more freedom where you need it.

What I do is guide individuals one on one who have lost the balance between work and private life. In addition I help you to find the right rhythm in this.

Ultimately of course you will do it yourself to get you where you want to be, but I'll help you get results. This allows you to come home to yourself. You will understand how instead of from your head and thoughts, you can get to your heart and your inner feelings. This is since you are able to let go of control and perfectionism. In addition it can be lonely at the top, making you more sensitive to certain environmental factors and situations than usual.

For example, you become more irritable, have less patience with the children or partner and you worry more than usual. When you lie in bed at home you stay up longer, because of the external stimuli. If you want to work on this I can help you how to make progress in this.

The result of this is that you start to worry, which can get it in your head. When you are a perfectionist, this can make it more difficult for you to relax, making it harder for you to get to your heart and feelings. Developing the right focus will help you run your business better and will give your more freedom. My view is that I don't believe you have a problem that can get you stuck. You face challenges that you have encountered at a certain point and that can be solved.

In all these areas, Navayo has the expertise to help you. This will make you more effective and more fulfilling in the areas where it previously ran less.

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