Our vision is to coach people and train them to discover themselves. So they learn how to be a leader instead of a follower. You are not dealing with a problem, you have encountered a challenge that can be solved.

The vision of Navayo is that people develop personal leadership skills, which teaches them to overcome the fears and pains of the past. You learn to be a leader instead of a follower. You learn to be and become your true self instead of imitating someone else.

The vision is you will learn to no longer be passive and to wait. You will learn to discover yourself by personally taking charge of things that made you freeze. This happens from personal leadership with a certain amount of relaxation and rest. You learn to come home to yourself.

The vision is that the leader who is already within you, will rise to the surface. This means that you will discover your gift and with that gift you can make room for yourself to achieve your goal and destination. You will also be able to be useful to your environment and even the world.

The vision is that you learn you have something the world needs. This is not an imitation of someone else you know from television for example. But you will discover who you are, because you have found a better balance in yourself.

When you become valuable, you receive value. Personal leadership is self-discovery.

Every follower is a hidden leader within. You were born to lead, but you will have to become a leader. This is only possible when you learn to discover yourself in complete peace and relaxation.

Every part of the coaching and training is focused on self-discovery and personal leadership. You can only develop these things from a safe environment in which you can grow.